This Christmas Lyrics- Spy Ninjas

This Christmas Lyrics in English is Latest English Christmas Song Sung by Spy Ninjas. With Also Music is Given by Spy Ninjas. While “This ChristmasSong Lyrics are Written by Spy Ninjas and video is released by Chad Wild Clay.

This Christmas Lyrics- Spy Ninjas

This Christmas Song Details

Song Title :This Christmas
Singer (S):Spy Ninjas
Lyrics (S) : Spy Ninjas
Music (S):Spy Ninjas
Music Label (©):Chad Wild Clay

This Christmas Lyrics

[ Lyrics in English ]

This Christmas Will Be,
Kind Of Weird And Strange..
Something Between,
Two Spy Ninjas Will Change..

I Can’t Say It Out Loud,
Can’t Let Them Know
But Here’s A Hint,
It Involves Mistletoe
The Typewriter Said So…

If You Ask Me, Its Kind Of Stupid
Christmas Is About Santa, Not Cupid..
And I Really Hate To Burst Your Bubble
They Won’t Even Make A Cute Couple..

Christmas Day Is Not So Far Away!
Hey Hey!
Hey Hey!

Santa’s On His Way In His Red Sleigh..
Red Sleigh..
Bae Bae..
Bae Bae..

We Have To Make Cookies Tonight Yuh..
We Have To Put Up Christmas Lights Yuh..
I’m Very Excite,
I’m Lacking In Height Yuh Yuh Yuh Yuh

In Las Vegas It Never Snows Yuh
But I Can Still Sing Let It Go Yuh
Don’t Eat Cookie Dough,
I Will Never Grow Yuh!

This Christmas Will Be
What We’ve Always Needed
Now That Project Zorgo
Is Defeated..

Lets Make Christmas Dessert,
I Baked Some Yams
Good Idea… 3…2…..1….

The Good Kids Will Get Gifts Under The Tree,
Like Me!
Like Vy!
Like Me!

Hey Whoa, Gizmo
Remember Long Time Ago?
You Bunghole..
This Christmas You’ll Get Coal..

The Safe House Never Looked Better
Look At Me In My Spy Ninja Sweater,
If You Like Our Clothes And Think They’re Bomb

Ho Ho Ho
I Hope Santa Brings Me A Boyfriend..
Ho Ho Ho
I Wanna Kiss Before The Year Ends..

Ho Ho Ho
I’ll Be Dancing With My Future Wife..
Ho Ho Ho
Its The Weirdest Christmas Our Lives..

Written By- Spy Ninjas

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