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Black Illuminati Lyrics in English is Latest English Song Sung by Freddie Gibbs ft. Jadakiss. With Also Music Given by Arianna Reid & Bizness Boi. While “Black IlluminatiSong Lyrics are Written by Jadakiss & Freddie Gibbs.

Black Illuminati Lyrics

Black Illuminati Song Details

Song TitleBlack Illuminati
SingerFreddie Gibbs ft. Jadakiss
Lyrics Jadakiss & Freddie Gibbs
Music ComposerArianna Reid & Bizness Boi

Black Illuminati Lyrics

[ Lyrics in English ]

Slammin’, used to sleep on the floor with a kel-tec
Got a bag I can’t bag yet because it’s still wet
Reaper man, I pay him a visit
Ain’t paid his bills yet
Brain hemorrhage, blunt-force trauma
I make him feel that
I wrap and seal that
Sent out the bricks that had the nike swoosh stamps
I’m just doing it for the camp
Ni^^a showed them to the plug
Now he shoppin’ behind my back, uh

One thing about that bi^^h karma, she coming back
If you trapping, keep a strap close
Nowadays, this s^^t became a trend to snake
Your homies out ’cause everybody backdoor
But everybody black, though
I let the fiends catch a bеan
Used to vomit off the secondhand crack smokе
Ni^^a got that ptsd from testin’ the key
Gums numb, hope I didn’t purchase work from the f-e-ds

’cause every time I see the judge
It’s like a scary movie
F^^k the court, real ni^^a can’t do no jury duty
Internet done altered this s^^t
Through a different game now
I don’t rap about dead opps, I let his name die
Shame how they blackball kane
They scratched my name out
I pushed it longer than
I expected to get my name hot

They wanna take me out this game like sha’carri
Black illuminati, touch big rabbit
Streets need a body
I got all of them leeches away from around me
You ain’t rich enough to get me hit
Pu^^y, go up the bounty, uhh

Spend some cheese, bi^^h, chopper sing, bi^^h
Brew him up, had him huggin’ them emts, bi^^h
Turn the witness to stevie wonder
Ho, you ain’t seen s^^t
Youngins on a mando’ slide
This s^^t routine, bi^^h
Delta 88 with a cool knot in my tube socks
Now I push the goons through
The boondocks in the countach
Penthouse in the city

My bops giving me rooftop
Told them free my ni^^a g-weeder
Ho, let the roots out
You feel my energy, they gone remember me
Ain’t never had a friend like me
Your enemy my enemy
Lambo crashed the whip
And got plates in both shoulders
If he didn’t live through that accident
This s^^t could’ve been over, yeahh

They wanna take me out this game like sha’carri
Black illuminati, afghan doggy straight off the poppy
I ain’t trust him
Had to dust him like christopher moltisanti
And it hurt my heart to hurt you
But ni^^a, streets need a body, yeahh
I don’t house these hoes, bi^^h, get a hobby
She ain’t workin’, then you ain’t got a wifey
You got a tommy, yeahh
I got all of them leeches away from around me
Bulletproof the escalade
I got iron like robert downey, ni^^a, yeahh

F^^k you lil’ ni^^as (uhh)
Triple-s exercise
Kiss, haha
It’s what we do, ni^^a

Written By- Jadakiss & Freddie Gibbs

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