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A Tale Lyrics in English is Latest English Song Sung by The Weeknd From The “Dawn FM” English Album. With Also Music is given by The Weeknd. While “A TaleSong Lyrics are Written by The The Weeknd and video is released The Weeknd YouTube Channel.

A Tale Lyrics- The Weeknd | Dawn FM

A Tale Song Details

Song Title :A Tale
Album/Movie:Dawn FM
Singer (S):The Weeknd
Lyrics (S) : The Weeknd
Music (S):The Weeknd
Music Label (©):The Weeknd

A Tale Lyrics

[ Lyrics in English ]

Looking Back Now
I Didn’t Know What It Was Supposed To Be
And It’s Like Raising Kids, Man
If You Weren’t Raised, They Don’t Know How To Raise
You Know?

I Just Did The Best That I Could With Them
Because They Know Fuckin’ Well I Love Them
But I Didn’t Do The Best I Could
I Didn’t Know What The Fuck I Was Doing
I Didn’t

I Will Never Forget Watching My Mother
Get Put In A Straightjacket And Taken Out Of My Home
When I Was Only Seven Years Old
She Was Diagnosed With Dementia Praecox
And Put In A Mental Institution Leaving My Daddy Alone With Me And My Little Brothеr Lloyd

I Later Had An Evil Stepmothеr
Who Further Cemented The Idea That
I Didn’t Need A Mother
Growing Up Without One Had Long Lasting Impressions

I Didn’t Fully Understand Until Much Later In Life
It Bled Into My Relationships With Family And Those
I Had Became Romantically Involved With
Whenever I Got Too Close To A Woman, I Would Cut Her Off

Part Of That Was Vindictive And Partially Based On Fear But It Was Also Totally Subconsious
Looking Back Is A Bitch Innit

Written By- The Weeknd

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